Customisable Templates - Wood Branding Iron

Size (longest side): 3CM

Size (longest side)

Design: D1


Sale price£59.99

These customisable templates allow you to personalise your work with your details without getting a design made up - all you need to do is provide the text you’d like and the design you’d like it to go with!

Your package will include a complete kit with everything you need to brand your woodworking projects including a high quality brass branding iron personalised with your choice of design and text, and a wooden handle. All you need to do is add heat (or the electric heater for a fully electric branding iron!).

This item is intended for wood branding, however these branding irons are also suitable for use on leather, clay, wax and plastic.

We advise using a gas blowtorch or flame heat source with these irons for wood branding, or the electric heater (please note only 5CM and under irons are compatible with the electric heater).

Ready in 2-4 working days.