Custom Wood Branding Iron

Height: Up to 2CM


Width: Up to 2CM


Sale price£59.99

Transform your woodworking projects with a complete kit with everything you need to brand wood, including a high quality brass branding iron personalised with your design, a wooden handle, and instructions for use. All you need to do is add heat with a propane or butane blow torch, or simply add the electric heater option for a fully electric branding iron.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK, each branding iron has a tolerance of +/- 5 microns for precise and consistent results every time. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, our branding kit is the perfect tool for adding a personal touch to your projects.

Our branding irons are intended for wood branding, however they are also suitable for use on leather, clay, wax and plastic.

Order now and make an impression that lasts!