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Specialists in wood branding irons & leather stamps

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Precision Engineered in Liverpool, UK

Our tools for wood and leather work are designed for unmatched quality and performance

Ulility Knife - Vertex - Outpost Workshop

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Vertex Utility Knife

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Our CNC Machine Used to Produce Wood Branding Irons & Leather Stamps - Outpost Workshop

Precision Tools for Creative Minds

At our Liverpool-based workshop, we meticulously craft our wood branding irons, leather stamps, and leather letter stamps from raw materials to finished products. We take pride in sourcing all of our materials from reputable UK-based suppliers to ensure exceptional quality.

We're really fussy - and we take great pride in our work - so you can rest assured we'll make sure your design comes out perfectly on your branding iron or leather stamp.

People We've Worked With

People We've Worked With - 10 Minute WorkshopPeople We've Worked With - Savoy HotelPeople We've Worked With - Pentley ParkPeople We've Worked With - Benjamin Bott Leather GoodsPeople We've Worked With - Hunt Leather Co.

What makes us different?

Key features of our Branding Irons & Leather Stamps

Detailed Custom Leather Embossing Stamp - Outpost Workshop

Precision Milled from Brass

  • The grade of brass we use offers the highest machinability of any metal, allowing for incredible levels of detail
  • Excellent thermal properties for branding wood and stamping leather
  • Durable and long-lasting

Accurate Machining of Designs

  • We are able to reproduce intricate detail to an accuracy of 5 microns, or approximately 1/10th the width of a human hair
  • Deeply engraved to ensure the stamp/iron functions well across both thick leather and wood
  • Square base ensures accurate alignment of design for the end user when branding or stamping

Excellent Design Transfer

Perfect replication of the design is achieved across a variety of media thanks to the stamp properties

Finishing Touches

  • Each side of our stamps and branding irons is machined to a high quality surface finish, enhancing the overall quality
  • A small chamfer is added along the rear side
  • The rear side of our leather stamps and branding irons feature an M8 threaded hole, into which our wooden handles, electric heaters or hammering handles can be screwed

Free UK Delivery

Free UK delivery included as standard

We're not just machinists!

We have expert graphic designers on hand to make sure your design is perfectly replicated - no matter how it's supplied to us

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