Alphabet Stamp Set for Leather - Bicyclette

Prix de vente£199.99

Designed to allow embossing and hot foiling of leather goods with perfect alignment and spacing, this Bicyclette alphabet stamp set includes the essentials needed to customise leather goods - the uppercase alphabet, a 100MM wide rail (compatible with arbor presses & common hot foiling/embossing machines), a hammering handle, and a box.

These leather letter stamps are precision machined from high-quality brass to ensure durability and accuracy.

The alphabet stamp set works brilliantly for leather embossing with an arbor press or the included hammering handle, and also for both embossing and hot foiling with the common hot foiling machines on the market, with the addition of an M5 threaded hole on the reverse side of the rail (simply attach to your machine with an M5 threaded rod and nut), and will fit DreamFactory machines using their 'Stamp Holder' attachment. If you have a specific requirement for your machine, please get in touch as we may be able to make an attachment specifically for your leather embossing or hot foiling machine.

The 21pt size (4.5MM tall characters) ensures everything from small tags and card holders to larger bags can be customised.